Kent Meeker Inc.
Real Estate Sales, Listings and Consulting Service
  San Juan Island, Washington
Kent Meeker Inc. (KMI) is a real estate service company on San Juan Island Washington. We are members of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. This membership allows access to hundreds of island properties for sale. If you are looking to buy or sell vacant land, existing home, business, commercial, investment or rental properties, we can help.

What makes KMI different from all the other real estate offices on the island? Flexibility, price, experience and personal attention are just the start of what makes this company different.

Flexibility, a private, independent, small company makes its own policy. The policy for this company is providing the client with exceptional person service, yet at price that is reasonable. We donít charge a straight 6% to 10% commission. Some clients need advice or assistance that an hourly or transaction fee is more appropriate. Many people need someone to assist two family members buying and selling a home or property. Another example is buying a neighborís property. Buyer and seller have agreed to all the details, someone needs to fill out the paperwork properly. Consulting service representing one or both parties can save thousand of dollars, versus hiring an attorney or paying a real estate agent. Most simple transactions can be handled for $500 to $1,000.

Most real estate offices charge 6% commission for the sale of a home. If the home is an expensive home, 5% is common. Vacant land, commercial, business may range from 5% to 10% commission. It is important to understand that the total commission is split equally between the listing agent (agent who represents the seller) and the selling agent (agent who represents the buyer). As an example, a house sells for $400,000, at 6% that is a  $24,000 commission. $12,000 goes to the selling agentís office and $12,000 to the listing agentís office. Note that the commission goes to the office, the office takes their percentage and the agent receives the rest (between 50% to 80%). Kent Meeker Inc. charges 1.5% for the home listing and 3% selling, for a total commission charge of 4.5% Saving at least 1.5% or $6,000 on the sale of a $400,000 home. Vacant land prices are slightly higher.

Real marketing that works, not fluff or smoke.

18 years in San Juan Island real estate has taught many lessons, including what sells MOST properties. The real estate offices sell about 80% of the island property sold. Over half of the transactions are sold to buyers that live here. Because of these two facts, KMI marketing program is targeted to the local population and to the other real estate offices and their agents. KMI has advertisements every week in the local paper, The Journal of the San Juans. This paper is read by most of the islanders every week. The local real estate offices all belong to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS), including KMI. All listing information is submitted to and complied by the NWMLS and this is where the agents look for all the information on homes and property for sale. All of KMIís listings are in the NWMLS, with plenty of detailed information, pictures and maps. Addition to the local advertising and the NWMLS, KMI also creates and provides to the other island offices and agents a beautiful property brochure. These brochures are for potential buyers, providing them color pictures and more detailed highlights of the home and property. Additional marketing programs are available; again KMI is flexible to meet your needs!

Kent Meeker is the principle of the company. For the past 18 years Kent has been in the real estate business on San Juan Island. For the first eight years as an Associate Broker for Coldwell Banker/San Juan Island. He joined Windermere/San Juan Island as Broker/Sales Manager in 1996. Kent has assisted hundreds of clients find the right home or property. As Broker/Sales Manager he reviewed and advised agents and clients in hundreds of real estate transactions. His background and experience is almost unparalleled among active real estate agents or brokers on San Juan Island.

Personal attention, experience and local knowledge are critical in providing island real estate service. Personal attention means a true feeling that your agent is providing you with time and energy to achieve your island real estate goals.

Buying a home or property?
Buying unimproved land or a home is an exciting undertaking. Yet it can also be a stressful experience.  Our  focus is to assist you in finding the perfect home or property to fit you needs, desires and budget. Equally important is making the process of acquiring real estate as un-daunting and uncomplicated as possible. KMI Ďs experience and knowledge pave the wa for smooth transactions.