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Ram Island
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General Information
General Location: Ram Island is located about 9 miles east of Anacortes Washington on Lopez Pass between Lopez and Decatur Islands.

Legal Description: All of Ram Island legally described as Township 34 North, Range 1 West. The lot 2 of Section 5, containing 7.75 acres. Township 35 North, Range 1 West. The lot 1 of Section 32, containing 1.05 acres. Tax parcel numbers 140512001 and 153243001

Size of Property: 8.8 acres according to the San Juan County Assessor.

Water frontage: 3,794 feet according the San Juan County Assessor. The water frontage consists of a low bank grave beach, medium to high bank rocky shoreline to high cliffs along the west side.

Land Use Designation: Single family residence, which includes home, garage and other outbuildings supporting the main residence. Guesthouses are currently not allowed in conjunction with a main house. Detached bedrooms are permitted. Shoreline is zoned “Conservancy” allowing for the construction of a dock, roads, barge landing and subterranean power transmission. Permits for dock and home have been submitted, septic design has been approved.

General Description: The Island is about 1600 feet long and about 500 feet at its widest point. The center of the island, above the beach is fairly level with a large stand of Fir trees. This would be a good location for a home and outbuildings. The North end of the island also has a very desirable build site area. The northerly and southerly parts of the island have a ridgeline running at the crest of the island. The easterly side of the island has a more gradual slope to the water as opposed to the westerly that is more vertical.  The most dramatic building site would be further west of the beach to the crown of the island. From this location the view is literally 360 degrees, Olympic Mountains to the south, Mt. Baker and Rosario Straits to the east and Lopez Sound to Orcas Island to the north.

Water: There are several options for obtaining water; drilled well, catchments or desalination. There are several drilled wells on private islands that meet the needs for county building requirements. A drilled well can cost $15,000 to $25,000. Catchment water systems are a viable alternative. This system can catch 625 gallons per 1000 feet of roof. The San Juan Islands average 20 inches of rain a year, thereby catching about 12,500 gallons of water in a year. The cost for a catchment system is $15,000 to $20,000. Desalination has become more popular as the systems have greatly improved and the prices lower. Most systems purify salt water from the Puget Sound. Desalination units cost $5,000 to $25,000.

Electricity:  There is no power installed to the island. It maybe possible to connect power from Lopez or Center Island, but with the advancement in power generation, the practical solution is self-generation. The traditional generators can produce any amount of electricity needed. The main type of fuel used is gas, diesel or propane. Solar for many years has been used to augment generator power in addition to light and heat in the living space. Propane is also used for heating water, ranges, ovens, even refrigerators and freezers.

Taxes:  $2,827 for 2007. The island is in Open Space Taxation.

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