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  San Juan Island, Washington
Selling your home or property yourself?
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For Sale By Owner
                                    Menu of Services:
Market Price Evaluation.
Getting the home or property ready to sell.
Pictures that highlight the best qualities and features.
Writing descriptions that sell.
Color brochures that can be handed out or emailed.
Web site to direct possible buyers for pictures and information.
      A price evaluation consist of viewing your home or property and comparing it to other similar homes or properties that have sold and what is currently on the market. You will receive a 3 page report and this provides you with a suggested asking and selling price range, plus market information. This report can be passed on to interested buyers that will help them understand the price you are asking. The cost for this service is $75.00*.

Getting the property ready. What do buyers see that really turns them off or turns them on, when they first see the home? When it comes to selling a home for the best price there simple things that can be done, most without spending much money. After visiting your home or property we will provide suggestions to make sure your home is show ready. This service would be combined with a price evaluation for a total cost of the 2 services of $100*.

Pictures that highlight. It is oh so very true, a single picture speaks a thousand words. Never more true when comes to selling your home. With the internet buyers can look at your property all over the world. The right picture can inspire a potential buyer, just like the wrong picture can dissuade a potential buyer. The right angle, the right lighting and the right composition are very important to create just the right picture. We can go to your home or property and make sure the right photos are representing your property. The photos will be sized properly for web posting and creating a color handout brochure. Cost for this service is $75*

Writing descriiptions that sell. Real estate professionals are noted for their ability to make any home or property sound like a million dollar property. They know there are words to inspire, how to sell the sizzle and not just the steak. This service is part of several package programs.

Color brochures. For decades now real estate professional have been creating color brochures for their clients. These brochures for years were sent out by agents to buyers all around the county, hopefully to entice the buyers to come here, look and buy. Also they were given to buyers when they look at property, to help them remember the highlights of each property they have seen. Now brochures are generally converted to PDF and emailed to buyer or printed and handed out when the buyer is here looking. For Sale By Owners MUST do the same thing, even better is to print off a few and put them in a brochure holder on their for sale sign. This service combined with taking pictures $125*.

Web site. KMI has started a web site just for owners in the San Juan Islands who wish to sell their own property. This web site can provide anyone with internet connection the ability to see photos of your home or property and read about all the special attributes. Just post the web site address with your name (or address) and that buyer will go directly to your information. If you provide the pictures and description there is a one time fee of $50.

The full package includes visiting your home or property, written market evaluation, suggestions for making the home more appealing, taking pictures, writing descriptions, creating a property brochure, web page, seller's disclosure requirements, seller's closing cost estimate and advertising suggestions. Total Price is $299*
* additional fee of $100 for those properties on Orcas, Lopez or Shaw Islands
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